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Briggs & Stratton Big BackYard
June 29, 2003

Ripon Jazz Festival
June 27, 2003

SOUL CD Release Photos

SOUL CD Release photos
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in the studio
March 10, 2002

Three hams, with Cheese!
Steve Peplin, Deirdre Fellner & Scott Currier
Three hams, with Cheese
Don't try this at home - Deirdre Fellner
Deirdre Fellner
Don't try this at home!

The Bank

The Olive & Ash

Steve Peplin & Ethan Bender
Ethan Bender & Steve Peplin
Rhythm Cats on the R&R
A Cushy Job
Deirdre Fellner & Scott Currier
Such a cushy job!

Jazz Salad at the Clarion
The final hurrah!

Jazz Salad
at the Clarion Hotel
January 11, 2002

Del Bennett - Groove
Del Bennett
Smokin' the skins at Champagne Charlie's
Steve Peplin
Steve Peplin
Gettin' down with his own bad self

Deirdre Fellner - Wail
Deirdre Fellner
Wailin' at Champagne Charlie's
Steve Peplin - Stomp
Steve Peplin
Stompin' in the Backyard

Scott Currier
And a-one and a-two and a-three and a-four.
Scott Currier - stock image
Scott Currier
"This is what I get for playing
ONE wrong note?"

Mike Standal
Mike Standal
Layin' down the groove at Summerfest

Deirdre Fellner - Glitz & Ham
Deirdre Fellner
Glitzy Gesticulation Girl 
Eric Hervey - groove
Eric Hervey
Glancing at the Groove Gauge
Duane Stuermer
Duane Stuermer
Getting funky at Summerfest.
Deirdre Fellner - Wailin'
Deirdre Fellner
 Wailin' !!
Deirdre Fellner - at the piano
Deirdre Fellner
Sometimes a girl just has to sit
down at the piano


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