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Soul - CD Release Party
December 3, 2002

Deirdre Fellner Deirdre Fellner
Blowin' the Roof Off the Joint!
Scott Currier
Gettin' down to business
Scott Currier - studious
Steve Peplin & Eric Hervey Eric Hervey and Steve Peplin
Tech Team rhythm rally
Del Bennett and Whit Lehnberg
Del Bennett & Whit Lehnberg
Connie Grauer Connie Grauer
Mrs. Fun
Connie Grauer & Kim Zick
Mrs. Fun
Kim Zick - Mrs. Fun
Scott Currier & Peter Alt Scott Currier and Peter Alt
Animated conversation
Deirdre with Scott Finch and John Ruebartsch - discussing the potency
of the Soul Martini

Deirdre with Scott Finch & John Ruebartsch

Annie Denison & Deirdre - Divas Annie Denison and Deirdre
Steve Peplin and Scott Currier
the right & left hand - accolades
Jackie Pellerin Jackie Pellerin and Tom Fay
Thanks for all your help!
Joe Adam
Hey- it's a party!
Joe Adam
Pam Percy & Martin Hintz Pam Percy of Hotel Milwaukee
and Martin Hintz of
The Irish American Post
Deirdre and Joan Weber
Thanks for all your help at the Swag table Joan! Next time, we'll use faster drying ink!
Joan Weber & The Merch
Deirdre, Whit & Eric - hands-on Deirdre, Whit & Eric
It's a hands-on kind of thing
Jackie Pellerin and Sandy Adam
of 21CInteractive
Sandy Adam & Jackie Pellerin with Deirdre
The Soul Martini The Soul Martini
Deirdre and Mike
Ahhhh, the end of the day!
Deirdre & Michael - the end of the day

BIG Thanks to everyone who made the evening a smash - 
The Whole of Soul
Sandy Adam
Tom Fay
Jackie Pellerin
Connie Grauer & Kim Zick of Mrs. Fun
Joan Weber and Joe Adam
The Velvet Room Staff - great catering!

REALLY BIG THANKS to everyone who came out and helped us celebrate and bought a copy of Soul - We Love You Big Time!!

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