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Jazz Salad at the Clarion Hotel
January 11, 2002

Guests from around the world Guests from around the World!
We were joined by this great crew of revelers, L-R: Peter from Australia, Doug from Peru, Jeff, Scott, Jimmy from South Africa, Steve, Deirdre and Neil from England
International Humor International Humor
Scott Currier - Heads up Scott gives us a big Heads Up!
Captain Conga, Jeff Kuliga Jeff Kuliga
Patty & Kim join the Soul Patrol Deirdre welcomes Patty & Kim to the Soul Patrol!
Deirdre compares notes with
Ryan "Little Roz" & Nicole
Little Roz & Nicole Sweet
Scott & Jeff - a moment Scott Currier & Jeff Kuliga
Havin' a moment
Steve Peplin under glass

Steve Peplin under glass

For Shame! Shameless!
Steve with Uncle Jerry & Aunt Betsy and Ronnie & Marie Jerry, Betsy, Ronnie & Marie with Steve
Hep Cats in the doorway Hep Cats in the doorway
(Actually, we paid these guys not to let anyone out of the room)

(Just kidding!)
What a great was like a concert! Concert Audience
Delyricus Aximus Delyricus Aximus!
Peter joined the show and demonstrated the global impact of Heart and Soul Heart & Soul with Peter
Dean - Beer Dean observes a moment of silence for the beer-ly departed
Pocket deep, gesture high It's a bird, It's a Plane, It's gesticulating Deirdre
Legal fun Too much fun to be legal!
Carl & MaryAnn...hey, you came! Carl & MaryAnn
The Flintstone's' Wilma Shout WILMA!!!
Bev, Dean & Melissa debate the voicing of one of Scott's substitutions...a little fraction action reaction Bev, Dean & Melissa
The Bad Day delivery Have you ever had one of those really BAD of those, you begin to intro your own tune with your own true story and you tell the wrong story kind of days?

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